Sacred Heart Church

Sacred Heart

Catholic Church

Mass Schedule

Wednesday Mass 9:00 A.M.

Friday Mass 9:00 A.M.

Sunday Mass 8:00 A.M.

Sunday Confession 7:30-7:50 A.M.

SS. Peter & Paul Mass 10:30 A.M. Sunday

SS. Peter & Paul Mass 9:00 A.M. Tuesday

SS. Peter & Paul Mass 9:00 A.M. Thursday

SS. Peter & Paul Mass 4:30 P.M. Saturday

Saturday Confession 4:00-4:20 P.M.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church is a thriving Catholic faith community within the Green Bay Dicoese and has been in existence for over 116 years and currently has over 150 registered families as members.

The present day Sacred Heart Catholic Church was incorporated under the laws of the state of Wisconsin on April 14, 1894. The church was built earlier that year under the guidance of Reverend Francis Xavior Steinbrecher, who became the first resident pastor.

Once the present day structure had been built, the old church was converted into the rectory which Father Steinbrecher moved into in May of 1895. In 1923 a new rectory was built next to the church and is still in use to this day.

Prompted by the need for a location for religious education classes, Sacred Heart’s parish center was built and officially opened on January 24th, 1988. Today the parish center houses the parish office and has over fifty students attending religious education classes.

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